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Evgenia Foustoucos

Evgenia Foustoucos

  • Επίκουρος Καθηγητής, Department of Informatics, AUEB
  • ΜΠΛΑ

seminars given

ημερομηνία τίτλος
2002/05/24 Datalog with greatest fixed points can express various temporal logics
1999/12/17 Persistency numbers of Datalog programs
2 seminars.

PhD theses supervised

τίτλος student defense
Monadic Second Order Logic and Parameterized Complexity on Structures of Bounded Treewidth Λαμπρινή Καλαντζή 2012-05-01
1 PhD thesis.

MSc theses supervised

τίτλος student defense
MSO-evaluation and automata Λαμπρινή Καλαντζή 2004-11-01
1 MSc thesis.

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