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Events in 2007

Date Event
December 2007
2007-12-14 Y. N. Moschovakis (Axioms for elementary algorithms, and the derivation of absolute lower bounds)
2007-12-13 graduation ceremony
2007-12-13 graduation ceremony
2007-12-07 C. Dimitracopoulos (Subsystems of Peano arithmetic)
2007-12-01 MSc defense of Anastasia Veneti
2007-12-01 MSc defense of V. Nikas
2007-12-01 MSc defense of Christos Kanlis
November 2007
2007-11-22 B. Sturmfels (The algebraic degree of semi-definite programming)
October 2007
2007-10-19 S. Saurabh (Directed out-branching: Combinatorial bounds on number of leaves and pathwidth of the underlying undirected graphs)
2007-10-12 F. Fomin (Exact algorithms for NP-hard problems)
September 2007
2007-09-01 PhD defense of Eleni Kalyvianaki
July 2007
2007-07-20 E. Zachos (Hierarchies of complexity classes)
2007-07-13 A. S. Kechris (Set theory and dynamical systems)
2007-07-01 PhD defense of Alla Sirokofskich
2007-07-01 MSc defense of Anastasia-Maria Fasouli
2007-07-01 MSc defense of Nikolaos Theodorou
2007-07-01 MSc defense of N. Katzouris
June 2007
2007-06-29 Y. N. Moschovakis (Borel determinacy)
2007-06-08 D. M. Thilikos (Graph searching in a crime wave (joint work with D. Richerby))
2007-06-01 C. Hartonas (Petri net semantics for communicating agents)
May 2007
2007-05-25 A. Potika (Boundary labeling problems)
2007-05-04 E. Kranakis (The power of tokens: Rendezvous and symmetry detection for twomobile agents in a ring)
March 2007
2007-03-23 A. Tzouvaras (On the consistency of NF)
2007-03-01 MSc defense of Dimitrios Diochnos
2007-03-01 MSc defense of P. Rouvelas
February 2007
2007-02-01 MSc defense of Vasileios Karadimas
January 2007
2007-01-19 G. Longo (Logic, determination and predictability)


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