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Efstathios Zachos

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Efstathios Zachos

Member of the special inter-departmental committee
Member of the special inter-departmental committee
  • Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NTUA

seminars given

date title
2012/12/14 Ο δρόμος από τον Leibniz ως τον Turing
2010/10/15 Martin Davis: ENGINES OF LOGIC
2010/01/22 Hierarchies of complexity classes (Part II)
2009/11/20 Hierarchies of complexity classes
2007/07/20 Hierarchies of complexity classes
2006/01/27 Hierarchies of complexity classes
2004/10/22 The complexity of counting functions with easy decision version
2004/03/12 Descriptive complexity: complexity classes and operators
2002/02/15 Counting functions
2000/02/11 S-terms revisited
1997/06/20 From computability to computational complexity
11 seminars.

MSc theses supervised

title student defense
Proof Complexity: A Tableau Perspective Theodoros Papamakarios 2017-07-19
Quantum complexity, relativized worlds, and oracle separations Dimitrios Myrisiotis 2016-11-04
Annotated Sequent Systems for Linear Temporal Logic Ioannis Kokkinis 2015-04-06
Graph Partitioning Under the Spectral Lens Konstantinos Koiliaris 2015-01-12
Computational Complexity of Modal Logics Georgios Kourtis 2013-08-01
Complexity Dichotomies for Approximations of Counting Problems Andreas Nikolas Goebel-Magkakis 2012-07-23
The Discrepancy Problem Ioannis Panageas 2011-12-28
Finding Cliques in Random Graphs Andreas Galanis 2010-11-26
Models of Parallel Computation and Parallel Complexity Georgios Lentaris 2010-07-01
Information Theory and the Randomized Communication Complexity of Functions Nikolaos Leonardos 2009-07-01
The Complexity of the Validity Problem and Justification Logics Antonios Achileos 2009-02-13
Undirected Connectivity is in L Thanasis Lianeas 2009-02-12
Geometric routing in wireless ad hoc networks Dimitrios Doudis 2008-06-01
Information networks and game theory Georgios Piliouras 2006-06-01
Quantum physics and computers Xenofon Rafios 2006-04-01
Edge coloring in bipartite multigraphs Margarita Marinou 2005-12-01
Algorithms for routing and wavelength assignment in all- optical networks - Implementations and experimental comparison Georgios Georgiou 2005-04-01
Edge coloring in graphs Evaggelia Gavatha 2004-12-01
Arthur-Merlin games and interactive proof systems Christos Tsironis 2004-12-01
The web as a graph E. Kotelida 2004-12-01
Optimization problems in circular arc graphs Georgia Stathopoulou 2000-11-01
Block cryptosystems: from DES to AES Christos Kapoutsis 2000-07-01
Matching problems - Algorithms and complexity Charalampia Toga 2000-07-01
23 MSc theses.

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