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Date Speaker(s) Title
2000/07/20 A. S. Kechris The complexity of the isometric classification of Polish metric spaces and the structure of their isometry groups
2000/07/12 V. Vazirani The Primal-Dual Schema for Approximation Algorithms Where Does it Stand, and Where Can it Go?
2000/07/11 J. Krivine The Curry-Howard correspondence in set theory
2000/07/06 P. Kolaitis On the Complexity of Counting Problems in Equational Matching and Unification
2000/06/16 A. Dawar Formulas, Games and Circuits
2000/06/09 T. Pheidas Lang's conjecture in Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry and its solution by model-theoretical means
2000/06/02 S. Baratella Quantifier elimination for first order theories
2000/05/19 C. D. Koutras Modal Logics of Knowledge and Multiple Intelligent Agents
2000/04/14 T. Dimitriou Algorithms for random generation and counting
2000/04/07 S. Weinstein The Role of Decidability in First Order Separations over Classes of Finite Structures
2000/03/31 C. Dimitracopoulos End extensions of models, II
2000/03/17 P. Peppas Belief Revision, II
2000/03/10 C. Dimitracopoulos End extensions of models, I
2000/03/03 P. Peppas Belief Revision, I
2000/02/25 Y. N. Moschovakis Meanings, algorithms and games
2000/02/18 J. R. Moschovakis The Gödel-Gentzen Negative Translation and Classical Function Realizability
2000/02/11 E. Zachos S-terms revisited
2000/01/20 J. Benthem Modal Foundations for Predicate Logic
1999/12/17 E. Foustoucos Persistency numbers of Datalog programs
1999/12/10 S. Weinstein A guide to Finite Model Theory
1999/12/03 P. Karazeris Scott continuous local operators on complete Heyting algebras
1999/11/26 J. Väänänen Generalized quantifiers and finite model theory
1999/11/26 J. Kennedy On embedding models of arithmetic into reduced products
1999/11/19 C. Dimitracopoulos Introduction to Stoic Logic - The “indemonstrable moods” of the Stoics
1999/11/12 I. Emiris Solving polynomial systems
1999/11/05 I. Soskov Degrees of structures
1999/10/22 W. Charatonik Path-based versus set-based analysis of logic programs
1999/10/15 Y. N. Moschovakis Three episodes from the history of set theory
1999/10/08 P. Kolaitis The Ordered Conjecture: A status report


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