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Speaker: Iris Loeb (Postdoctoral Researcher, VU University of Amsterdam)
Title: Bolzano's traditional answer to problems in the mathematical practice of his time (Joint work with Stefan Roski)
Date: Friday, 29 Jun 2012
Time: 18:00-19:00
Location: Univeristy of Athens, Department of Mathematics, University of Athens, room Γ42


Bernard Bolzano (1781-1848) can be regarded as an early embodiment of the transi-tions that took place in the mathematical practice during the first half of the 19th cen-tury. These transitions included shifts from a formula centered to a concept centered approach, from a formal notion of equality to a numerical notion, and from calcula-tions to proofs. In this talk I will point out signs of these transitions in Bolzano's famous paper on the Intermediate Value Theorem (1817). Moreover I will show that in answer to the re-newed quest to correctness requirements of proofs, Bolzano turned to the millenia-old Aristotelian tradition.


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