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Date Speaker(s) Title
2014/10/17 P. A. Golovach Hadwiger number of graphs with small chordality
2014/10/02 J. B. Paris Polyadic Inductive Logic and Spectrum Exchangeability
2014/03/28 H. Chen One Hierarchy Spawns Another: The Complexity Classification of Conjunctive Queries
2014/02/28 D. M. Thilikos Optimal Erdős-Pósa proterties for θ_r minor models
2013/05/17 E. Kranakis Monitoring the Plane with Rotating Radars
2013/02/08 A. Stampoulis VeriML: A dependently-typed, user-extensible and language-centric approach to proof assistants
2012/12/14 E. Zachos Ο δρόμος από τον Leibniz ως τον Turing
2012/11/30 R. Belmonte Induced immersions
2012/10/26 D. Lokshtanov News from the width world
2012/06/29 I. Loeb Bolzano's traditional answer to problems in the mathematical practice of his time (Joint work with Stefan Roski)
2012/04/06 R. Sklinos Geometric thoughts on stable groups
2012/02/17 N. Rigas Recent results in the analysis of reducibility
2012/02/03 A. Georgakopoulos Random walks and electrical networks
2012/01/13 D. M. Thilikos Graph minor theory: from combinatorics to algorithms
2011/11/24 A. Bovykin Searching for strength and unprovability: the case of the infinite-dimensional Ramsey Theorem
2011/07/18 G. Barbalias Universality probability of a prefix free machine
2011/06/24 Y. N. Moschovakis Horner's rule is optimal for Polynomial 0-testing
2011/06/10 T. Muller Random Geometric Graphs
2011/05/27 D. Fotakis Winner-Imposing Strategyproof Mechanisms for Multiple Facility Location Games
2011/05/20 A. Sirokofskich Decidability of algebraic theories
2011/05/13 A. T. Pagourtzis Distributed broadcasting with few transmissions in ad hoc radio networks
2011/05/06 A. Sidiropoulos Stochastic topological simplification, and its algorithmic applications
2011/04/15 I. Giotis Approximation Algorithms for Correlation Clustering
2011/04/08 P. Karazeris Coalgebras, data types and modal logic
2011/04/01 C. Kornaros The weak regularity principle
2011/03/18 K. Papalamprou From graphs and matrices to matroids: algorithms and optimization
2011/02/25 D. Coudert Parameterized Algorithms for Shared Risk Link Groups
2011/01/28 C. Georgiou Fooling Strong LP and SDP Relaxations for Vertex Cover
2011/01/24 B. Courcelle Special tree-width and the verification of monadic second-order Properties
2010/12/10 A. Grigoriev Scheduling jobs with time-resource tradeoff via nonlinear programming
2010/11/26 P. Karazeris Coalgebras, datatypes and modal logic
2010/11/19 I. Sau Dyhamic programming for graphs on surfaces
2010/11/05 M. Kaminski Graphs within graphs—an algorithmic look at containment relations
2010/10/22 Y. N. Moschovakis The Axiomatic Derivation Of Absolute Lower Bounds
2010/10/15 E. Zachos Martin Davis: ENGINES OF LOGIC
2010/10/08 C. Dimitracopoulos The party problem and the incompleteness of Peano Arithmetic
2010/10/01 D. Paulusma The k-in-a-Path problem for claw-free graphs
2010/07/02 P. Cheilaris Graph unique-maximum and conflict-free colourings
2010/06/25 I. Souldatos Infinitary logic and characterizable cardinals
2010/06/18 Y. N. Moschovakis Kleene's amazing Second Recursion Theorem
2010/06/14 E. Tsarpalis Data types as complex numbers
2010/06/11 A. Sirokofskich Decidability of sub-theories of polynomials over a finite field
2010/06/07 E. Kranakis Connectivity of Sensor Networks Using Directional Antennae
2010/03/30 D. M. Thilikos Kernelization and meta-algorithmic techniques
2010/03/26 I. Stephanou Tackling the Liar by changing Logic (Part II)
2010/03/19 I. Stephanou Tackling the Liar by changing Logic
2010/03/05 C. Dimitracopoulos Truth definitions and subsystems of Peano Arithmetic (Part II)
2010/02/26 C. Dimitracopoulos Truth definitions and subsystems of Peano Arithmetic
2010/01/22 E. Zachos Hierarchies of complexity classes (Part II)
2010/01/14 A. Georgakopoulos Planar Cayley graphs and computation
2009/12/04 D. M. Thilikos Bidimensionality, contractions and applications in parametrized complexity
2009/11/20 E. Zachos Hierarchies of complexity classes
2009/07/03 S. Rocca Soft Linear Logic and Polynomial Complexity
2009/05/22 M. Kaminski The Plane-Width of Graphs
2009/05/15 B. Courcelle Short vertex labels for connectivity checking in planar graphs with forbidden parts
2009/05/08 I. Adler Tree-width for first order formulas
2009/03/20 D. Magos Constraints of difference
2009/03/13 K. Ogata Expressing Weak Fairness and Strong Fairness in Maude
2009/02/13 A. T. Pagourtzis Randomized and Approximation Algorithms for a New Matching Problem
2009/02/06 Y. Stavrinos Generalized developments in the lambda-calculus
2008/11/28 I. Valls Finding Small Subgraphs of Given Minimum Degree
2008/11/14 S. Saurabh Exact Algorithms for Counting Subgraphs via Homomorphisms
2008/10/31 E. Tsigaridas Real solving polynomials and continued fractions: algorithms and complexity
2008/10/10 L. Stacho Closure for the Property of Having a Hamiltonian Prism
2008/06/13 A. S. Kechris Classification problems in ergodic theory: A descriptive set-theoretic point of view
2008/06/06 C. Georgiou Vertex Cover Resists SDPs Tightened by Local Hypermetric Inequalities
2008/05/30 M. Kaminski Coloring graphs with no long induced paths
2008/05/23 P. Peppas Conflicts between Relevance and Iteration in Belief Revision
2008/05/16 N. Foo Experience and trust: a systems-theoretic approach
2008/05/09 A. Veneti A logical foundation for the intersection and union type assignment system: Towards an intersection and union logic
2008/04/18 E. Kranakis Locality sensitive topology control in ad hoc networks
2008/04/11 C. Kornaros Weak forms of the principle of regularity
2008/04/04 C. Dimitracopoulos Ramsey's theorem and the incompleteness of arithmetic II
2008/03/28 C. Dimitracopoulos Ramsey's theorem and the incompleteness of arithmetic I
2008/03/21 P. Eleftheriou Definable groups in linear d-minimal structures
2008/01/18 M. Serna Problems on non co-operative games: complexity versus succinctness
2007/12/14 Y. N. Moschovakis Axioms for elementary algorithms, and the derivation of absolute lower bounds
2007/12/07 C. Dimitracopoulos Subsystems of Peano arithmetic
2007/11/22 B. Sturmfels The algebraic degree of semi-definite programming
2007/10/19 S. Saurabh Directed out-branching: Combinatorial bounds on number of leaves and pathwidth of the underlying undirected graphs
2007/10/12 F. Fomin Exact algorithms for NP-hard problems
2007/07/20 E. Zachos Hierarchies of complexity classes
2007/07/13 A. S. Kechris Set theory and dynamical systems
2007/06/29 Y. N. Moschovakis Borel determinacy
2007/06/08 D. M. Thilikos Graph searching in a crime wave (joint work with D. Richerby)
2007/06/01 C. Hartonas Petri net semantics for communicating agents
2007/05/25 A. Potika Boundary labeling problems
2007/05/04 E. Kranakis The power of tokens: Rendezvous and symmetry detection for twomobile agents in a ring
2007/03/23 A. Tzouvaras On the consistency of NF
2007/01/19 G. Longo Logic, determination and predictability
2006/12/22 T. Pheidas Decidability in algebra—for beginners
2006/12/01 D. Gounopoulos Top-K Query Processing
2006/11/24 R. Kaye Nonstandard symmetric groups
2006/11/15 V. Selivanov Fine hierarchy of regular aperiodic -languages
2006/11/10 C. Kapoutsis Small sweeping 2NFAs are not closed under complement
2006/11/03 D. Richerby How to kill a Minotaur: An introduction to graph searching
2006/10/20 Y. N. Moschovakis “... (a+bn)/n=x, hence God exists”—with Logic only!
2006/10/13 H. Schwichtenberg Logic for computable functionals and their approximations
2006/10/06 K. Yamazaki Relationships between the class of unit grid intersection graphs and other classes of bipartite graphs
2006/05/12 E. Kranakis Local computation and global communication in wireless networks
2006/05/05 C. Nikolaidis Combinatorial algorithms for the symmetric group S_n
2006/04/14 D. M. Thilikos Using submodular functions to generate with parameters: the issues of monotonicity and connectivity
2006/04/07 E. Paschos Robustness under uncertainty
2006/03/31 D. Richerby Hilbert's ε-operator
2006/03/24 Y. N. Moschovakis Recursion and complexity
2006/01/27 E. Zachos Hierarchies of complexity classes
2006/01/20 S. Artemov & E. Nogina Proofs, Evidence, Knowledge
2005/12/16 C. Dimitracopoulos Subsystems of first-order arithmetic
2005/11/11 D. Richerby Is there a logic for polynomial time?
2005/11/04 P. Karazeris Geometrical theories, classifying topoi
2005/10/21 R. Iemhoff An alternative Skolemization method
2005/10/14 S. Terwijn Intuitionistic Logic and Medvedev Degrees
2005/10/07 Y. N. Moschovakis Kleene's infamous second recursion
2005/06/17 I. Stephanou Fuzziness and super-valuations
2005/06/03 C. Tsinakis A general approach to the study of logical consequence relations
2005/05/27 N. Foo Games, equilibria and logic programs
2005/04/22 L. Kirby A fine structure for the hereditarily finite sets
2005/04/15 E. Kranakis Asymptotics of random RNA
2005/04/08 P. Peppas Distance semantics for relevance-sensitive belief revision
2005/04/01 Y. N. Moschovakis Recursion and complexity
2005/03/18 S. Kolliopoulos Edge pricing of multicommodity networks for selfish users
2005/01/21 C. Dimitracopoulos Hilbert's 10th problem, II
2004/12/10 G. Plotkin A calculus for chemical systems
2004/12/03 W. Demopoulos Carnap and the rational reconstruction of the language of Physics
2004/11/26 C. Dimitracopoulos Hilbert's 10th problem, I
2004/11/19 A. Kaporis The problem of satisfiability of random logical propositions: constructive techniques for solving, techniques of solution existence
2004/11/05 Y. N. Moschovakis Inductive relations
2004/10/22 E. Zachos The complexity of counting functions with easy decision version
2004/10/15 D. M. Thilikos Wagner's conjecture and its proof: A short description of the theory of minor graphs, II
2004/10/08 D. M. Thilikos Wagner's conjecture and its proof: A short description of the theory of minor graphs, I
2004/10/01 F. Hamm Plan-goal structures and the dynamics of temporal reasoning
2004/07/23 A. S. Kechris Generic symmetries
2004/07/02 T. Viglas On complexity class separations and algorithmic simulations
2004/06/18 N. Lygeros Algorithms for enumerating posets, prosets and mixed models
2004/06/11 A. Potika Problems of path routing and coloring in totally optical networks with multiple fibers
2004/06/04 N. S. Papaspyrou Programming with proofs: Type systems based on logic ... and other frightening stories ..
2004/05/28 A. Tzouvaras Why is the operation of powerset so special?
2004/05/21 E. Kranakis Mobile agent rendez-vous problem
2004/05/07 C. Dimitracopoulos Ramsey's Theorem
2004/04/30 P. Kolaitis On preservation under homomorphisms in the finite
2004/04/23 T. Pheidas Using Logic to solve problems in Algebra
2004/03/19 R. Kossak Automorphisms of models of arithmetic, non-classification and some classification results
2004/03/12 E. Zachos Descriptive complexity: complexity classes and operators
2004/01/23 C. Dimitracopoulos The “indemonstrable moods” of the Stoics
2003/12/19 C. D. Koutras Multiple-valued Modal Logic: definability, completeness, model theory
2003/12/12 G. Barbalias Hypersimple semicomputable sets in the weak truth table degrees
2003/12/05 F. Afrati The complexity of conjunctive query containment
2003/11/28 S. Ghilezan Intersection types in classical logic
2003/11/21 J. R. Moschovakis Hierarchies in realistic extensions of intuitionistic theories
2003/11/07 P. Spirakis Communication problems in ad-hoc mobile nets: Multi-particle interactions and concurrent random walks
2003/10/31 D. M. Thilikos The theory of minor graphs and its use in the design of subexponential parametric algorithms
2003/10/24 A. Louveau Dichotomy results for Borel graphs
2003/10/10 B. Löwe Deterministic and nondeterministic supertask computation
2003/10/03 Y. N. Moschovakis Is Euclid's algorithm optimal?
2003/06/30 A. S. Kechris Fraissé limits, Ramsey theory and topological dynamics of automorphism groups
2003/06/20 D. M. Thilikos Retreat is futile when you want to take over the world
2003/06/06 K. Drossos Infinitesimals and non-standard mathematics
2003/05/30 P. Stephaneas Information technology and ethics
2003/05/23 E. Kranakis Compasses, Faces and Butterflies: Route Discovery in Ad-hoc \\ Networks
2003/05/16 P. D'Aquino Weak fragments of arithmetic
2003/05/09 N. Rigas Intersection types and applications to lambda calculus
2003/04/18 E. Koutsoupias Coordination Mechanisms
2003/04/11 M. Mavronikolas Game-theoretic techniques in package routing
2003/04/04 T. Andronikos Automatic system verification and synthesis
2003/03/28 G. Kapoulas Infinitesimals via the cofinite filter
2003/03/21 R. Diaconescu From Birkhoff axiomatizability to interpolation: a categorical model-theoretic approach
2003/03/14 D. Kavvadias Generating extreme structures: algorithms and complexity
2003/02/28 S. Nikoletseas Smart Dust Protocols for Local Detection and Propagation
2003/02/21 C. Dimitracopoulos The pigeonhole principle and the infinitude of primes
2003/02/14 I. Emiris The theory of algebraic sparse elimination
2003/01/10 A. T. Pagourtzis Communication algorithms in wireless networks of unknown topology
2002/12/13 C. Chartonas A minimal calculus for situated multi-agent systems
2002/12/06 V. Kanellopoulos Ramsey theorems for trees
2002/11/29 A. Shlapentokh Hilbert's Tenth Problem over Number Fields
2002/11/22 C. Verykios Morley's theorem and concepts from stability theory
2002/11/15 C. Dimitracopoulos The MacDowell-Specker theorem and generalizations
2002/11/08 S. Kreutzer Ficed-Point Logics on Finite and Infinite Structures
2002/11/01 Y. N. Moschovakis Inductive relations
2002/10/18 V. Tannen XML Query Reformulation
2002/10/11 R. Kahle Applicative Theories and their Applications
2002/07/15 A. S. Kechris The Vaught Conjecture
2002/06/21 Y. Matiyasevich Hilbert's Tenth Problem today: Main results and Open Problems
2002/06/14 A. Arvanitakis The proof of Generalized Banach Contraction Conjecture
2002/06/07 P. Rondogiannis Minimum model semantics for logic programs with negation
2002/05/24 E. Foustoucos Datalog with greatest fixed points can express various temporal logics
2002/05/17 A. Tzouvaras A structural approach of fuzzy sets
2002/04/26 E. Kranakis Node Discovery in Ad Hoc Networks
2002/04/12 F. Afrati Answering Conjunctive Queries with Comparisons Using Views
2002/04/05 P. Spirakis Game Theory and Complexity
2002/03/29 F. Ferreira Amending Frege's “Grundgesetze der Arithmetic”
2002/03/01 C. Dimitracopoulos Finite axiomatizability of subsystems of P
2002/02/15 E. Zachos Counting functions
2001/12/21 C. Dimitracopoulos Indicators and the incompleteness of Peano arithmetic
2001/12/07 P. Kolaitis Phase Transitions of PP-Complete Satisfiability Problems
2001/11/30 K. Dosen Categories and their interpretation
2001/11/02 F. Hamm Perfect, imperfect nominals and the progressive
2001/11/02 M. Lambalgen Moschovakis's notion of meaning as applied to linguistics
2001/10/05 Y. N. Moschovakis The complexity of Euclid's algorithm
2001/06/29 A. Kiayias Electronic voting: the secrecy of vote
2001/06/08 C. Papadimitriou Algorithms, Games and the Net
2001/06/01 V. Zissimopoulos On the hardness of some combinatorial optimization problems with generalized local search methods
2001/05/23 E. Kranakis Electronic payment protocols
2001/05/04 Approaches to Query Optimization
2001/04/27 K. Hatzikiriakou Lindström's Theorem
2001/03/23 E. Koutsoupias Optimization problems in congestion control
2001/03/16 F. Afrati Approximation schemes to minimize the average completion time
2001/03/09 K. Drossos Imaginary elements: A philosophico-mathematical view
2001/03/02 P. Spirakis Competing Intelligent Agents: The case of no communication
2001/02/13 P. Kolaitis Existential second-order logic over graphs: charting the tractability frontier
2001/01/12 J. Christianidis Hermeneutical problems in the history of Algebra
2000/12/15 C. D. Koutras Theory of definability and completeness in Modal Logic
2000/12/08 E. Kirousis Dichotomy theorems on the satisfiability of propositional formulas
2000/12/01 P. Karazeris An application of categorical logic to declarative semantics
2000/11/10 C. Dimitracopoulos Hilbert's 10th problem
2000/11/03 C. Cornaros Wilkie's problem
2000/10/20 Y. N. Moschovakis The logic of (complete and partial) equations
2000/10/13 E. Kranakis Searching with Uncertainty in Communication Networks
2000/07/20 A. S. Kechris The complexity of the isometric classification of Polish metric spaces and the structure of their isometry groups
2000/07/12 V. Vazirani The Primal-Dual Schema for Approximation Algorithms Where Does it Stand, and Where Can it Go?
2000/07/11 J. Krivine The Curry-Howard correspondence in set theory
2000/07/06 P. Kolaitis On the Complexity of Counting Problems in Equational Matching and Unification
2000/06/16 A. Dawar Formulas, Games and Circuits
2000/06/09 T. Pheidas Lang's conjecture in Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry and its solution by model-theoretical means
2000/06/02 S. Baratella Quantifier elimination for first order theories
2000/05/19 C. D. Koutras Modal Logics of Knowledge and Multiple Intelligent Agents
2000/04/14 T. Dimitriou Algorithms for random generation and counting
2000/04/07 S. Weinstein The Role of Decidability in First Order Separations over Classes of Finite Structures
2000/03/31 C. Dimitracopoulos End extensions of models, II
2000/03/17 P. Peppas Belief Revision, II
2000/03/10 C. Dimitracopoulos End extensions of models, I
2000/03/03 P. Peppas Belief Revision, I
2000/02/25 Y. N. Moschovakis Meanings, algorithms and games
2000/02/18 J. R. Moschovakis The Gödel-Gentzen Negative Translation and Classical Function Realizability
2000/02/11 E. Zachos S-terms revisited
2000/01/20 J. Benthem Modal Foundations for Predicate Logic
1999/12/17 E. Foustoucos Persistency numbers of Datalog programs
1999/12/10 S. Weinstein A guide to Finite Model Theory
1999/12/03 P. Karazeris Scott continuous local operators on complete Heyting algebras
1999/11/26 J. Väänänen Generalized quantifiers and finite model theory
1999/11/26 J. Kennedy On embedding models of arithmetic into reduced products
1999/11/19 C. Dimitracopoulos Introduction to Stoic Logic - The “indemonstrable moods” of the Stoics
1999/11/12 I. Emiris Solving polynomial systems
1999/11/05 I. Soskov Degrees of structures
1999/10/22 W. Charatonik Path-based versus set-based analysis of logic programs
1999/10/15 Y. N. Moschovakis Three episodes from the history of set theory
1999/10/08 P. Kolaitis The Ordered Conjecture: A status report
1999/08/31 D. Gounopoulos Automatic subspace clustering of high dimensional data for data mining applications
1999/06/04 S. Bozapalidis Formal tree series - Additive program schemes
1999/06/04 E. Kranakis Dissections: Plane and Efficient
1999/05/28 E. Galatoulas Topos-theoretic models of Quantum Mechanics
1999/05/26 E. Kranakis Strategies for Assigning Hotlink in Web Pages
1999/05/21 J. Hintikka A Logic for Quantum Theory
1999/05/20 I. Guessarian Window-accumulated subsequence matching problem is linear
1999/05/14 P. Karazeris Topology without points: Logical character and applications
1999/05/07 J. Manakos The paradoxes of Russell and the Liar under the light of H. L. Skala's set theory
1999/04/23 P. Spirakis Sufficient conditions for reducing randomness in PCP systems
1999/04/02 J. B. Paris Common Sense and Uncertain Reasoning
1999/03/26 J. Lambek Type Grammars as pregroups
1999/03/19 C. Dimitracopoulos Introduction to Aristotle's logic, II
1999/03/12 P. Stamatopoulos Constraint satisfaction and applications to AI
1999/03/05 C. Dimitracopoulos Introduction to Aristotle's logic, I
1999/01/22 P. Rondogiannis Temporal language programming
1999/01/15 C. Dimitracopoulos The principle of induction for addition
1998/11/27 J. R. Moschovakis Realizability, models and applications
1998/11/20 P. Kolaitis On the boundedness problem for fragments of first-order logic
1998/11/13 M. Vardi Automated verification=Graphs, automata and logic
1998/11/06 M. Rougemont Interactive proofs on the reals
1998/10/30 Y. N. Moschovakis The notion of Algorithm
1998/10/23 C. Nomikos Path coloring in graphs
1998/10/16 K. Georgatos Non-monotonic logic, belief revision and the logic of scientific discovery
1998/10/09 A. Troelstra The Intuitionism of Brouwer and Heyting
1998/10/02 E. Specker Epistemic Logic and the Prognostic Paradox
1998/06/19 M. Fürer Historical and positional strategies in infinite games
1998/06/12 A. T. Pagourtzis Algorithms for graph coloring with applications in optical networks
1998/06/05 M. Mytilinaios Game-theoretic semantics
1998/05/29 C. Dimitracopoulos Subsystems of Peano arithmetic, III
1998/05/22 J. B. Paris Semantics for Fuzzy Logic supporting the Truth-Functionality Assumption
1998/05/15 C. Dimitracopoulos Subsystems of Peano arithmetic, II
1998/05/08 C. Dimitracopoulos Subsystems of Peano arithmetic, I
1998/04/10 K. Drossos Monoidal Logics
1998/04/03 Y. N. Moschovakis Semantics for fair indeterminacy in models of the typed λ-calculus
1998/03/20 I. Karali Inductive databases with object-oriented extensions
1998/03/13 P. Karazeris Introduction to Categorical Logic
1998/01/23 F. Afrati Query languages for deductive databases
1998/01/16 C. Dimitracopoulos Hilbert's 10th problem
1997/12/12 K. Hatzikiriakou The research program of “Reverse Mathematics”
1997/12/05 T. Pheidas The analog of Hilbert's 10th problem for the rational numbers, under the light of new developments in algebraic geometry and number theory
1997/11/28 K. Skandalis Computability in real numbers
1997/11/21 H. Kotlarski An explicit construction of a model of PA + ¬Con_PA
1997/11/14 A. Tzouvaras The symmetry axioms of C. Freiling in a general setting and some applications
1997/11/07 Complexity of logic programs
1997/10/31 Y. N. Moschovakis Games in Analysis, Logic and Theoretical Computer Science, II
1997/10/24 Y. N. Moschovakis Games in Analysis, Logic and Theoretical Computer Science, I
1997/06/20 E. Zachos From computability to computational complexity
1997/06/06 Y. N. Moschovakis The notion of set, from Cantor to Hilbert
1997/05/30 E. Kirousis A mathematical approach to experimental conclusions concerning logical propositions
1997/05/16 E. Kranakis Broadcasting in unlabeled networks
1997/05/09 M. Mytilinaios Surprises in Arithmetic
1997/04/18 G. Kapoulas Computable real numbers and functions, II
1997/04/11 G. Kapoulas Computable real numbers and functions, I
1997/04/04 C. Dimitracopoulos The incompleteness of Peano arithmetic and Ramsey's theorem, II
1997/03/28 C. Dimitracopoulos The incompleteness of Peano arithmetic and Ramsey's theorem, I
1997/03/21 Y. N. Moschovakis The meaning of the Church-Turing Thesis


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