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Constantinos Dimitracopoulos

Photo of Dimitracopoulos

Constantinos Dimitracopoulos

Member of the special inter-departmental committee
Member of the special inter-departmental committee
Member of the special inter-departmental committee
  • Professor, Department of Methodology, History and Theory of Science, UoA

courses given

Course Semester
M12. 2013-2014, fall semester
ΜΞ12. 2012-2013, spring semester
Λ1. 2008-2009, spring semester
M12. 2007-2008, spring semester
Λ1. 2007-2008, fall semester
Μ6. 2006-2007, spring semester
Λ1. 2006-2007, fall semester
Μ6. 2005-2006, spring semester
Λ1. 2005-2006, fall semester
Λ1. 2004-2005, spring semester
M12. 2004-2005, fall semester
Λ1. 2003-2004, spring semester
Λ03Ν. 2003-2004, fall semester
Μ6. 2002-2003, spring semester
Λ02Β. 2002-2003, spring semester
Λ1. 2002-2003, fall semester
M12. 2001-2002, spring semester
Λ1. 2001-2002, fall semester
Λ1. 2000-2001, fall semester
Λ1. 1999-2000, fall semester
Λ1. 1998-1999, fall semester
M12. 1997-1998, spring semester
Λ1. 1997-1998, fall semester
Λ1. 1996-1997, spring semester
24 courses.

seminars given

date title
2010/10/08 The party problem and the incompleteness of Peano Arithmetic
2010/03/05 Truth definitions and subsystems of Peano Arithmetic (Part II)
2010/02/26 Truth definitions and subsystems of Peano Arithmetic
2008/04/04 Ramsey's theorem and the incompleteness of arithmetic II
2008/03/28 Ramsey's theorem and the incompleteness of arithmetic I
2007/12/07 Subsystems of Peano arithmetic
2005/12/16 Subsystems of first-order arithmetic
2005/01/21 Hilbert's 10th problem, II
2004/11/26 Hilbert's 10th problem, I
2004/05/07 Ramsey's Theorem
2004/01/23 The “indemonstrable moods” of the Stoics
2003/02/21 The pigeonhole principle and the infinitude of primes
2002/11/15 The MacDowell-Specker theorem and generalizations
2002/03/01 Finite axiomatizability of subsystems of P
2001/12/21 Indicators and the incompleteness of Peano arithmetic
2000/11/10 Hilbert's 10th problem
2000/03/31 End extensions of models, II
2000/03/10 End extensions of models, I
1999/11/19 Introduction to Stoic Logic - The “indemonstrable moods” of the Stoics
1999/03/19 Introduction to Aristotle's logic, II
1999/03/05 Introduction to Aristotle's logic, I
1999/01/15 The principle of induction for addition
1998/05/29 Subsystems of Peano arithmetic, III
1998/05/15 Subsystems of Peano arithmetic, II
1998/05/08 Subsystems of Peano arithmetic, I
1998/01/16 Hilbert's 10th problem
1997/04/04 The incompleteness of Peano arithmetic and Ramsey's theorem, II
1997/03/28 The incompleteness of Peano arithmetic and Ramsey's theorem, I
28 seminars.

PhD theses supervised

title student defense
End extensions of models of arithmetic Vasileios Paschalis 2016-06-28
Επιστημικές τροπικές λογικές δίχως επίγνωση της άγνοιας. Γνωσιακές δομές, και επεκτάσεις με εκτίμηση και πληροφόρηση. Georgios Zikos 2012-09-13
Model Theory and arithmetic Alla Sirokofskich 2007-07-01
3 PhD theses.

MSc theses supervised

title student defense
Model-theoretic investigations on "overwhelming majority" default conditionals Christos Rantsoudis 2015-11-09
Scientific realism and modality in abduction Alexandros Apostolidis 2015-11-04
Variants of Stalnaker Stable Belief Sets Christos Moyzes 2014-07-29
o-Minimality and its Variations Vagios Vlachos 2014-04-01
Large Cardinals and Elementary Embeddings of V Marios Koulakis 2010-06-23
Tarski's High School Algebra Problem Rizos Sklinos 2008-07-01
Belief revision and iterated revision Christos Kanlis 2007-12-01
Modal Logic and Provability Anastasia-Maria Fasouli 2007-07-01
The problem of consistency of NF Nikolaos Theodorou 2007-07-01
Anti-foundation P. Rouvelas 2007-03-01
An introduction to dynamic logic Georgios Zikos 2006-12-01
Algebraic modal logic and applications C. Manouvelos 2006-11-01
Formal languages and models of computation with limited resources Konstantina Garoufi 2005-09-01
The MacDowell-Specker theorem Georgios Tzachristas 2003-12-01
Hybrid logics Vasiliki Kaliakouda 2003-07-01
Extensions of Hilbert¢s 10th problem Orestis Raptis 2002-09-01
Model-theoretic constructions in many-valued modal logic Panteleimon Eleftheriou 2002-07-01
Diophantine equations and Hilbert¢s 10th problem Polyniki Sypsa 2002-03-01
Routing in satellite networks Aggelos Stavrou 2001-07-01
Morley's categoricity theorem Aristidis Dimakakos 2000-06-01
Locally finitely presentable categories as categories of models of $L_\omega$ Ouranis Kebapi 2000-06-01
21 MSc theses.


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