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Costas D. Koutras

Photo of Koutras

Costas D. Koutras

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Technology, UoP
  • University of Crete
  • MPLA

courses given

Course Semester
Λ1. 2015-2016, spring semester
Λ99Γ. 2014-2015, spring semester
ΜΝ13. 2012-2013, spring semester
Λ99Γ. 2012-2013, fall semester
ΜΝ11β. 2011-2012, spring semester
ΜΠ11. 2011-2012, spring semester
ΜΓ09. 2009-2010, spring semester
ΜA09. 2009-2010, fall semester
Λ16. 2001-2002, fall semester
Λ99Γ. 1999-2000, fall semester
Λ16. 1998-1999, spring semester
11 courses.

seminars given

date title
2003/12/19 Multiple-valued Modal Logic: definability, completeness, model theory
2000/12/15 Theory of definability and completeness in Modal Logic
2000/05/19 Modal Logics of Knowledge and Multiple Intelligent Agents
3 seminars.

PhD theses supervised

title student defense
Επιστημικές τροπικές λογικές δίχως επίγνωση της άγνοιας. Γνωσιακές δομές, και επεκτάσεις με εκτίμηση και πληροφόρηση. Georgios Zikos 2012-09-13
1 PhD thesis.

MSc theses supervised

title student defense
Model-theoretic investigations on "overwhelming majority" default conditionals Christos Rantsoudis 2015-11-09
Variants of Stalnaker Stable Belief Sets Christos Moyzes 2014-07-29
Computational Complexity of Modal Logics Georgios Kourtis 2013-08-01
An introduction to dynamic logic Georgios Zikos 2006-12-01
Formal languages and models of computation with limited resources Konstantina Garoufi 2005-09-01
Hybrid logics Vasiliki Kaliakouda 2003-07-01
Model-theoretic constructions in many-valued modal logic Panteleimon Eleftheriou 2002-07-01
7 MSc theses.


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