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Dimitris Fotakis

Photo of Fotakis

Dimitris Fotakis

Member of the special inter-departmental committee
  • Assistant Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NTUA
Email: fotakis│ át-sign │cs| periοd |ntua| periοd |gr

courses given

Course Semester
Λ3. 2016-2017, fall semester
Π08Α. 2015-2016, spring semester
Λ3. 2015-2016, fall semester
Π12. 2014-2015, spring semester
Λ3. 2014-2015, fall semester
Λ3. 2013-2014, fall semester
Λ13Ο. 2012-2013, spring semester
Λ3. 2012-2013, fall semester
Π11Β. 2011-2012, spring semester
Π02Γ. 2009-2010, fall semester
10 courses.

seminars given

date title
2011/05/27 Winner-Imposing Strategyproof Mechanisms for Multiple Facility Location Games
1 seminar.

MSc theses supervised

title student defense
On-line Shortest Path with Switching Cost Isidoros Tziotis 2017-11-22
Change averse equilibria in congestion games Andreas Mantis 2017-11-22
Online Facility Location with Switching Costs Lydia Zakynthinou 2017-11-15
Learning Poisson Binomial Distributions with Differential Privacy Agamemnon Giannakopoulos 2017-02-28
Opinion Dynamics with Local Interactions Efstratios-Panteleimon Skoulakis 2016-10-31
Game Theoretic Models for Power Control in Wireless Networks Aikaterini Nikolidaki 2015-03-02
Computational Aspects of the Braess Paradox Kyriakos Sergis 2015-03-02
Opinion Dynamics in the presence of Social Choice Rules Markos-Spyridon Epitropou 2014-11-07
Infrastructure Leasing Problems Paraschos Koutris 2010-12-28
9 MSc theses.


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