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Evangelos Kranakis

Evangelos Kranakis

  • Professor, School of Computer Science, Carleton University, Ottawa
Personal Webpage:

courses given

Course Semester
Π07Ξ. 2007-2008, spring semester
Π07Ξ. 2006-2007, spring semester
Π02Ξ. 2005-2006, spring semester
Π99Π. 2004-2005, spring semester
Π02Ξ. 2002-2003, spring semester
Π99Π. 2001-2002, spring semester
Π99Π. 1999-2000, spring semester
Π98Π. 1998-1999, spring semester
8 courses.

seminars given

date title
2013/05/17 Monitoring the Plane with Rotating Radars
2010/06/07 Connectivity of Sensor Networks Using Directional Antennae
2008/04/18 Locality sensitive topology control in ad hoc networks
2007/05/04 The power of tokens: Rendezvous and symmetry detection for twomobile agents in a ring
2006/05/12 Local computation and global communication in wireless networks
2005/04/15 Asymptotics of random RNA
2004/05/21 Mobile agent rendez-vous problem
2003/05/23 Compasses, Faces and Butterflies: Route Discovery in Ad-hoc \\ Networks
2002/04/26 Node Discovery in Ad Hoc Networks
2001/05/23 Electronic payment protocols
2000/10/13 Searching with Uncertainty in Communication Networks
1999/06/04 Dissections: Plane and Efficient
1999/05/26 Strategies for Assigning Hotlink in Web Pages
1997/05/16 Broadcasting in unlabeled networks
14 seminars.

MSc theses supervised

title student defense
Percolation on Small-World Networks E. Chatzigeorgaki 2010-06-01
Geometric routing in wireless ad hoc networks Dimitrios Doudis 2008-06-01
Wormhole attacks in wireless networks Nikolaos Kiourtis 2004-10-01
Routing in satellite networks Aggelos Stavrou 2001-07-01
Neighbor discovery in satellite networks Dimitrios Tsiounis 2001-07-01
5 MSc theses.


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