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Evangelos Raptis

Evangelos Raptis

Member of the special inter-departmental committee

courses given

Course Semester
Π17. 2015-2016, spring semester
Π17. 2014-2015, spring semester
Π17. 2013-2014, spring semester
Π02Ε. 2012-2013, fall semester
Π17. 2011-2012, spring semester
Π17. 2009-2010, fall semester
Π02Ε. 2008-2009, spring semester
Π17. 2007-2008, spring semester
Π02Ε. 2007-2008, fall semester
Π17. 2006-2007, spring semester
Π02Ε. 2006-2007, fall semester
Π17. 2005-2006, spring semester
Λ03Α. 2005-2006, fall semester
Π17. 2004-2005, spring semester
Λ03Α. 2004-2005, fall semester
Π17. 2003-2004, spring semester
Λ03Α. 2003-2004, fall semester
Π17. 2002-2003, spring semester
Π17. 2001-2002, spring semester
Λ01Ξ. 2001-2002, fall semester
Π17. 2000-2001, spring semester
21 courses.

seminars given

No seminars given.

MSc theses supervised

title student defense
Μια αναδρομή στην Mη-Mεταθετική Kρυπτογραφία Eleni Partalidou 2017-11-22
Αλγόριθμοι στη Θεωρία Ομάδων Christos Pilichos 2017-11-13
Μη-Μεταθετική Κρυπτογραφία Konstantinos Karathanos 2016-08-31
Artin groups for the Commuting Action Key Exchange Platforms Venediktos Tsomplektzoglou 2011-05-25
Non-commutative Cryptography Maria Kelesidou 2010-12-31
Artificial intelligence and Inference M. Nikolaou 2010-07-01
Factoring Integers using Elliptic Curves K. Kouta 2009-12-01
Quantum Fractional Fourier Transform on $Z_p \times Z_p$ phase spaces Vasileios W. Karageorgos 2009-10-01
Cryptography with RSA A. Petsi 2008-10-01
Braid groups and cryptography Christos Tzetzias 2003-11-01
Digital signatures and cryptography Emmanouil Kandilakis 2002-09-01
11 MSc theses.


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