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Yiannis N. Moschovakis

seminars given

ημερομηνία τίτλος
2011/06/24 Horner's rule is optimal for Polynomial 0-testing
2010/10/22 The Axiomatic Derivation Of Absolute Lower Bounds
2010/06/18 Kleene's amazing Second Recursion Theorem
2007/12/14 Axioms for elementary algorithms, and the derivation of absolute lower bounds
2007/06/29 Borel determinacy
2006/10/20 “... (a+bn)/n=x, hence God exists”—with Logic only!
2006/03/24 Recursion and complexity
2005/10/07 Kleene's infamous second recursion
2005/04/01 Recursion and complexity
2004/11/05 Inductive relations
2003/10/03 Is Euclid's algorithm optimal?
2002/11/01 Inductive relations
2001/10/05 The complexity of Euclid's algorithm
2000/10/20 The logic of (complete and partial) equations
2000/02/25 Meanings, algorithms and games
1999/10/15 Three episodes from the history of set theory
1998/10/30 The notion of Algorithm
1998/04/03 Semantics for fair indeterminacy in models of the typed λ-calculus
1997/10/31 Games in Analysis, Logic and Theoretical Computer Science, II
1997/10/24 Games in Analysis, Logic and Theoretical Computer Science, I
1997/06/06 The notion of set, from Cantor to Hilbert
1997/03/21 The meaning of the Church-Turing Thesis
22 seminars.

PhD theses supervised

τίτλος student defense
Algorithmic natural language semantics---A study of Locality in the Theory of Referential Intensions Ελένη Καλυβιανάκη 2007-09-01
1 PhD thesis.

MSc theses supervised

τίτλος student defense
Recursive algorithms and implementations Βασίλειος Πασχάλης 2006-12-01
Bertrand paradoxes and Kolmogorov's foundations of the theory of probability Χ. Αναγνωστόπουλος 2006-10-01
Continued fractions and the subtractive Euclidean algorithm Αγγελίνα Βιδάλη 2005-09-01
Wormhole attacks in wireless networks Νικόλαος Κιούρτης 2004-10-01
Logical games and Blackwell games Κυριάκος Κυπριωτάκης 2002-07-01
The problem of isometry in Polish spaces Αλέξανδρος Αρβανιτάκης 2001-12-01
Ramsey theory and applications Αναστάσιος Ματζαβίνος-Τουμάσης 2001-07-01
Neighbor discovery in satellite networks Δημήτριος Τσιούνης 2001-07-01
8 MSc theses.

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