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Date Student Thesis
2017-11 Isidoros Tziotis On-line Shortest Path with Switching Cost
2017-11 Eleni Partalidou Μια αναδρομή στην Mη-Mεταθετική Kρυπτογραφία
2017-11 Andreas Mantis Change averse equilibria in congestion games
2017-11 Lydia Zakynthinou Online Facility Location with Switching Costs
2017-11 Christos Pilichos Algorithms in Group Theory
2017-11 Alexandros Angelopoulos Triangulation Problems on Geometric Graphs - Sampling over Convex Triangulations
2017-11 Panagiotis Kalogeropoulos Ηλεκτρονικές Ψηφοφορίες Ανθεκτικές σε Εκβιασμούς
2017-10 Petros Barbagiannis Non-Strict Pattern Matching and Delimited Control
2017-07 Myrto Galenianou Federated Consensus Protocols
2017-07 Theodoros Papamakarios Proof Complexity: A Tableau Perspective
2017-06 Pelagia Teloni Transfer k-means
2017-06 Georgia Avarikioti Geometric proximity problems in high dimensions
2017-05 Evangelos Anagnostopoulos Polytope Membership in High Dimension
2017-02 Agamemnon Giannakopoulos Learning Poisson Binomial Distributions with Differential Privacy
2016-11 Lukas Kavouras High dimensional approximate r-nets
2016-11 Dimitrios Myrisiotis Quantum complexity, relativized worlds, and oracle separations
2016-11 Maria Petropanagiotaki Παραμετρικοί Αλγόριθμοι και Μητροειδή η χρήση των συνόλων αντιπροσώπευσης
2016-10 Efstratios-Panteleimon Skoulakis Opinion Dynamics with Local Interactions
2016-10 Dimitrios Chatzidimitriou An Alternative Proof for the NP-completeness of the Grid Subgraph Problem
2016-09 Aggeliki Chalki Counting below #P: Classes, problems and Descriptive Complexity
2016-08 Konstantinos Karathanos Μη-Μεταθετική Κρυπτογραφία
2016-08 Georgios Karistianos Κρυπτογραφία Ελλειπτικών Καμπυλών και το Bitcoin
2016-06 Vasileios Paschalis End extensions of models of arithmetic
2016-06 Ioannis Livieratos Πότε είναι δυνατός ο συμψηφισμός απόψεων;
2016-06 Michael Samaris Αποσυνθέσεις σφαιρικών τομών και σύνολα κυριαρχίας σε επίπεδα γραφήματα
2016-06 Vasiliki Velona Asymptotic analysis of outerplanar graphs with subgraph obstructions
2016-06 Tzovas Harilaos Approximating Minkowski Decomposition and 2D Subset Sum
2016-06 Spyridon Maniatis Linkages in primal-dual graphs
2015-11 Christos Rantsoudis Model-theoretic investigations on "overwhelming majority" default conditionals
2015-11 Alexandros Apostolidis Scientific realism and modality in abduction
2015-07 Anna Koutli Approximation Algorithms on Network Resource Allocation
2015-07 Eygenia Oikonomopoulou Visual Cyptography and Applications
2015-05 Aikaterini-Panagiota Stouka Smart contracts and Payments using Bitcoin and Ethereum
2015-05 Nikolaos Lamprou Centralized protocols and anonymous decentralized systems
2015-05 Ioannis Nemparis Counting complexity: compressed Hamming distance, vertex covers, and recent highlights
2015-04 Ioannis Psaros Low-quality dimension reduction and high-dimensional Approximate Nearest Neighbor"
2015-04 Ioannis Kokkinis Annotated Sequent Systems for Linear Temporal Logic
2015-04 Niki Vazou LiquidHaskell : Liquid Types for Haskell
2015-03 Aikaterini Nikolidaki Game Theoretic Models for Power Control in Wireless Networks
2015-03 Kyriakos Sergis Computational Aspects of the Braess Paradox
2015-01 Konstantinos Koiliaris Graph Partitioning Under the Spectral Lens
2014-12 Eleni Mpakali On the meaningful instances of clustering
2014-11 Markos-Spyridon Epitropou Opinion Dynamics in the presence of Social Choice Rules
2014-09 Yiannis Tselekounis Tamper Resilient Circuits
2014-08 Christos-Aleksandros Psomas Strategyproof Allocation of Multidimensional Tasks on Clusters
2014-07 Christos Moyzes Variants of Stalnaker Stable Belief Sets
2014-05 Panagiotis Grontas Secure Multi Party Computations for Electronic Voting
2014-04 Vagios Vlachos o-Minimality and its Variations
2014-03 Konstantinos Mastakas Heuristic Algorithms for the Tourist Trip Design Problem
2014-03 Dimitrios Nikolopoulos Randomly-oriented RKD-trees
2014-02 Dimitris Zoros Obstructions and Algorithms for Graph Searching Problems
2013-12 Panagiotis Theofilopoulos An efficient implementation of lazy functional programming languages based on the generalized intensional transformation
2013-08 Georgios Kourtis Computational Complexity of Modal Logics
2013-06 Grammateia Kotsialou Generalized Second-Price Ad Auctions under Budget Constraints
2013-05 Aristotelis Misios Computability and Complexity of Two-Way Finite Automata
2013-03 Georgios Mpirmpas Generalized Second-Price Auctions under Advertisement Settings
2013-01 Nikolaos Karvelas Proofs of secure erasure
2012-09 Thomas Zacharias Non-interactive proof systems in pairing-based cryptography and applications in group signatures
2012-09 Iosif Salem On the computability of obstruction sets for well-quasi-ordered graph classes
2012-09 Georgios Zikos Επιστημικές τροπικές λογικές δίχως επίγνωση της άγνοιας. Γνωσιακές δομές, και επεκτάσεις με εκτίμηση και πληροφόρηση.
2012-08 Konstantinos Gerakios On the relation between treewidth and toughness
2012-08 Aleksandros Konstantinakis-Karmis Implementing approximate voronoi diagrams for approximate nearest neighbor searching
2012-08 Aristotelis-Emmanouil Thanos-Filis Exploiting the Structure of the Data in Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
2012-07 Andreas Nikolas Goebel-Magkakis Complexity Dichotomies for Approximations of Counting Problems
2012-07 Stylianos Despotakis Complexity of Counting CSP
2012-07 Garyfallia Vafeiadou Formalizing Constructive Analysis: A Comparison of Minimal Systems and A Study of Uniqueness Principles
2012-05 Lambrini Kalantzi Monadic Second Order Logic and Parameterized Complexity on Structures of Bounded Treewidth
2012-04 Aikaterini Samari Encryption Mechanisms for Multiuser Environment
2011-12 Ioannis Panageas The Discrepancy Problem
2011-12 Georgios Stathopoulos Variants of Stable Marriage, algorithms, complexity and structural properties
2011-11 Panagiotis Tsatsanis Cut Elimination in Deep Inference
2011-05 Georgios Askalidis Kernelization algorithms on planar graphs
2011-05 Venediktos Tsomplektzoglou Artin groups for the Commuting Action Key Exchange Platforms
2011-03 Pavlos Ιoannis Pyrros Chaidos Treewidth and Proper Treewidth
2010-12 Maria Kelesidou Non-commutative Cryptography
2010-12 Paraschos Koutris Infrastructure Leasing Problems
2010-12 Christos Litsas Fully Homomorphic Encryption
2010-11 Andreas Galanis Finding Cliques in Random Graphs
2010-09 Thanos Tsouanas Semantic Approaches to Logic Programming
2010-07 Aleksandros Palioudakis Conjuctive and Boolean Grammars
2010-07 Georgios Lentaris Models of Parallel Computation and Parallel Complexity
2010-07 M. Nikolaou Artificial intelligence and Inference
2010-06 Marios Koulakis Large Cardinals and Elementary Embeddings of V
2010-06 E. Chatzigeorgaki Percolation on Small-World Networks
2010-03 C. Sdrakas Using the color-coding method in Parametric Algorithms design
2009-12 Vissarion Fisikopoulos Triangulations of point sets, high dimensional Polytopes and Applications
2009-12 K. Kouta Factoring Integers using Elliptic Curves
2009-10 Vasileios W. Karageorgos Quantum Fractional Fourier Transform on $Z_p \times Z_p$ phase spaces
2009-07 A. Varvitsiotis Algebraic and combinatorial techniques in rigidity theory
2009-07 Nikolaos Leonardos Information Theory and the Randomized Communication Complexity of Functions
2009-06 Georgios Pierrakos Profit Maximization in Mechanism Design
2009-06 Archontia Giannopoulou Tree-depth of Graphs: Characterisations and Obstructions
2009-02 Antonios Achileos The Complexity of the Validity Problem and Justification Logics
2009-02 Thanasis Lianeas Undirected Connectivity is in L
2009-02 I. Rokos Parameters and Problems on Graph Layouts
2008-10 A. Petsi Cryptography with RSA
2008-09 D. Kostopoulos Constraint Optimization - Bucket Elimination
2008-09 Yiannis Giannakopoulos Online Mechanism Design
2008-07 Rizos Sklinos Tarski's High School Algebra Problem
2008-07 Grigorios Galiatsatos Whitney's Theorem
2008-06 Dimitrios Doudis Geometric routing in wireless ad hoc networks
2008-05 K. Papanikolaou Elements of parametric complexity
2008-03 Athanasios Koutsonas Bidimensionality and Graph Decompositions
2008-03 G. Zois Approximation algorithms for scheduling problems
2007-12 Christos Kanlis Belief revision and iterated revision
2007-12 V. Nikas Succintness of logics on trees
2007-12 Anastasia Veneti On a logical foundation of the intersection types assignment system: Intersection Logics
2007-09 Eleni Kalyvianaki Algorithmic natural language semantics---A study of Locality in the Theory of Referential Intensions
2007-07 Alla Sirokofskich Model Theory and arithmetic
2007-07 N. Katzouris Meaning and Truth -- Donald Davidson and Philosophy of Language
2007-07 Nikolaos Theodorou The problem of consistency of NF
2007-07 Anastasia-Maria Fasouli Modal Logic and Provability
2007-03 Dimitrios Diochnos Real solving of algebraic systems of small dimension
2007-03 P. Rouvelas Anti-foundation
2007-02 Vasileios Karadimas Efficient algorithms for cardinal direction constraints
2006-12 Vasileios Paschalis Recursive algorithms and implementations
2006-12 Georgios Zikos An introduction to dynamic logic
2006-11 C. Manouvelos Algebraic modal logic and applications
2006-10 Ch. Anagnostopoulos Bertrand paradoxes and Kolmogorov's foundations of the theory of probability
2006-09 Nikolaos Vaporis The admissible rules of intermediate logics
2006-09 Achilleas Koutsioumbas The problem of fairness in cost allocation
2006-07 Christos Konaxis Triangulations and resultant
2006-06 Georgios Piliouras Information networks and game theory
2006-04 Xenofon Rafios Quantum physics and computers
2005-12 Margarita Marinou Edge coloring in bipartite multigraphs
2005-10 Georgios Tsotakos A linear analysis of classical proofs
2005-09 Aggelina Vidali Continued fractions and the subtractive Euclidean algorithm
2005-09 Konstantina Garoufi Formal languages and models of computation with limited resources
2005-04 Georgios Georgiou Algorithms for routing and wavelength assignment in all- optical networks - Implementations and experimental comparison
2005-01 Theodora Valaskopoulou An application for database administration tutoring
2004-12 Georgios Kokoretsis Automatic timetable construction for secondary schools using constraint logic programming
2004-12 Christos Tsironis Arthur-Merlin games and interactive proof systems
2004-12 E. Kotelida The web as a graph
2004-12 Evaggelia Gavatha Edge coloring in graphs
2004-11 Lambrini Kalantzi MSO-evaluation and automata
2004-10 Nikolaos Kiourtis Wormhole attacks in wireless networks
2004-09 Nikolaos Maragos Web-based systems and operation dictionary development
2004-08 Constantinos Georgiou Fairness in online problems
2004-06 Stavroula Kalliakouda Cost models in communication networks
2004-06 Eystratios Peroutseas Congestion games and price of anarchy
2003-12 Georgios Tzachristas The MacDowell-Specker theorem
2003-11 Christos Tzetzias Braid groups and cryptography
2003-07 Vasiliki Kaliakouda Hybrid logics
2002-09 T. Aslanidis Complexity theory and approximation algorithms
2002-09 Orestis Raptis Extensions of Hilbert¢s 10th problem
2002-09 Emmanouil Kandilakis Digital signatures and cryptography
2002-07 Dimitrios Spontas An application for the presentation of results during modern Olympic Games
2002-07 Nikolaos Salamanos Algorithmic mechanism design
2002-07 Dimitrios Stathopoulos On the number of points and the existence of a minimum Steiner triangulation
2002-07 Maria Liazi On the k-densest subgraph problem
2002-07 Kyriakos Kypriotakis Logical games and Blackwell games
2002-07 Panteleimon Eleftheriou Model-theoretic constructions in many-valued modal logic
2002-07 Ioannis Souldatos Propositional proof complexity
2002-03 Polyniki Sypsa Diophantine equations and Hilbert¢s 10th problem
2001-12 Garyfallia Vafeiadou Intuitionistic analysis - Basic principles and realizability interpretations
2001-12 Alexandros Arvanitakis The problem of isometry in Polish spaces
2001-10 Dimitrios Ketikidis DNA computers
2001-10 Chrisovalantis Verykios Ultrafilters, dynamical systems and ergodic theory in Ramsey theory
2001-07 Aggelos Stavrou Routing in satellite networks
2001-07 Anastasios Matzavinos-Toumasis Ramsey theory and applications
2001-07 Dimitrios Tsiounis Neighbor discovery in satellite networks
2000-11 Georgia Stathopoulou Optimization problems in circular arc graphs
2000-07 Eleni Kalyvianaki Formal verification and scheduling for real-time systems
2000-07 Charalampia Toga Matching problems - Algorithms and complexity
2000-07 Christos Kapoutsis Block cryptosystems: from DES to AES
2000-06 Aristidis Dimakakos Morley's categoricity theorem
2000-06 Ouranis Kebapi Locally finitely presentable categories as categories of models of $L_\omega$
1999-02 Paraskevas V. Lekeas A static algorithm for frequency assignment on rings of odd length


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