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Date Speaker(s) Title
2008/06/13 A. S. Kechris Classification problems in ergodic theory: A descriptive set-theoretic point of view
2008/06/06 C. Georgiou Vertex Cover Resists SDPs Tightened by Local Hypermetric Inequalities
2008/05/30 M. Kaminski Coloring graphs with no long induced paths
2008/05/23 P. Peppas Conflicts between Relevance and Iteration in Belief Revision
2008/05/16 N. Foo Experience and trust: a systems-theoretic approach
2008/05/09 A. Veneti A logical foundation for the intersection and union type assignment system: Towards an intersection and union logic
2008/04/18 E. Kranakis Locality sensitive topology control in ad hoc networks
2008/04/11 C. Kornaros Weak forms of the principle of regularity
2008/04/04 C. Dimitracopoulos Ramsey's theorem and the incompleteness of arithmetic II
2008/03/28 C. Dimitracopoulos Ramsey's theorem and the incompleteness of arithmetic I
2008/03/21 P. Eleftheriou Definable groups in linear d-minimal structures
2008/01/18 M. Serna Problems on non co-operative games: complexity versus succinctness
2007/12/14 Y. N. Moschovakis Axioms for elementary algorithms, and the derivation of absolute lower bounds
2007/12/07 C. Dimitracopoulos Subsystems of Peano arithmetic
2007/11/22 B. Sturmfels The algebraic degree of semi-definite programming
2007/10/19 S. Saurabh Directed out-branching: Combinatorial bounds on number of leaves and pathwidth of the underlying undirected graphs
2007/10/12 F. Fomin Exact algorithms for NP-hard problems


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