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Events in 1998

Date Event
November 1998
1998-11-27 J. R. Moschovakis (Realizability, models and applications)
1998-11-20 P. Kolaitis (On the boundedness problem for fragments of first-order logic)
1998-11-13 M. Vardi (Automated verification=Graphs, automata and logic)
1998-11-06 M. Rougemont (Interactive proofs on the reals)
October 1998
1998-10-30 Y. N. Moschovakis (The notion of Algorithm)
1998-10-23 C. Nomikos (Path coloring in graphs)
1998-10-16 K. Georgatos (Non-monotonic logic, belief revision and the logic of scientific discovery)
1998-10-09 A. Troelstra (The Intuitionism of Brouwer and Heyting)
1998-10-02 E. Specker (Epistemic Logic and the Prognostic Paradox)
June 1998
1998-06-19 M. Fürer (Historical and positional strategies in infinite games)
1998-06-12 A. T. Pagourtzis (Algorithms for graph coloring with applications in optical networks)
1998-06-05 M. Mytilinaios (Game-theoretic semantics)
May 1998
1998-05-29 C. Dimitracopoulos (Subsystems of Peano arithmetic, III)
1998-05-22 J. B. Paris (Semantics for Fuzzy Logic supporting the Truth-Functionality Assumption)
1998-05-15 C. Dimitracopoulos (Subsystems of Peano arithmetic, II)
1998-05-08 C. Dimitracopoulos (Subsystems of Peano arithmetic, I)
April 1998
1998-04-10 K. Drossos (Monoidal Logics)
1998-04-03 Y. N. Moschovakis (Semantics for fair indeterminacy in models of the typed λ-calculus)
March 1998
1998-03-20 I. Karali (Inductive databases with object-oriented extensions)
1998-03-13 P. Karazeris (Introduction to Categorical Logic)
January 1998
1998-01-23 F. Afrati (Query languages for deductive databases)
1998-01-16 C. Dimitracopoulos (Hilbert's 10th problem)


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