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Events in 1999

Date Event
December 1999
1999-12-17 E. Foustoucos (Persistency numbers of Datalog programs)
1999-12-10 S. Weinstein (A guide to Finite Model Theory)
1999-12-03 P. Karazeris (Scott continuous local operators on complete Heyting algebras)
November 1999
1999-11-26 J. Kennedy (On embedding models of arithmetic into reduced products)
1999-11-26 J. Väänänen (Generalized quantifiers and finite model theory)
1999-11-19 C. Dimitracopoulos (Introduction to Stoic Logic - The “indemonstrable moods” of the Stoics)
1999-11-12 I. Emiris (Solving polynomial systems)
1999-11-05 I. Soskov (Degrees of structures)
October 1999
1999-10-22 W. Charatonik (Path-based versus set-based analysis of logic programs)
1999-10-15 Y. N. Moschovakis (Three episodes from the history of set theory)
1999-10-08 P. Kolaitis (The Ordered Conjecture: A status report)
August 1999
1999-08-31 D. Gounopoulos (Automatic subspace clustering of high dimensional data for data mining applications)
June 1999
1999-06-04 S. Bozapalidis (Formal tree series - Additive program schemes)
1999-06-04 E. Kranakis (Dissections: Plane and Efficient)
May 1999
1999-05-28 E. Galatoulas (Topos-theoretic models of Quantum Mechanics)
1999-05-26 E. Kranakis (Strategies for Assigning Hotlink in Web Pages)
1999-05-21 J. Hintikka (A Logic for Quantum Theory)
1999-05-20 I. Guessarian (Window-accumulated subsequence matching problem is linear)
1999-05-14 P. Karazeris (Topology without points: Logical character and applications)
1999-05-07 J. Manakos (The paradoxes of Russell and the Liar under the light of H. L. Skala's set theory)
April 1999
1999-04-23 P. Spirakis (Sufficient conditions for reducing randomness in PCP systems)
1999-04-02 J. B. Paris (Common Sense and Uncertain Reasoning)
March 1999
1999-03-26 J. Lambek (Type Grammars as pregroups)
1999-03-19 C. Dimitracopoulos (Introduction to Aristotle's logic, II)
1999-03-12 P. Stamatopoulos (Constraint satisfaction and applications to AI)
1999-03-05 C. Dimitracopoulos (Introduction to Aristotle's logic, I)
February 1999
1999-02-01 MSc defense of Paraskevas V. Lekeas
January 1999
1999-01-22 P. Rondogiannis (Temporal language programming)
1999-01-15 C. Dimitracopoulos (The principle of induction for addition)


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