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Events in 2001

Date Event
December 2001
2001-12-21 graduation ceremony
2001-12-21 C. Dimitracopoulos (Indicators and the incompleteness of Peano arithmetic)
2001-12-07 P. Kolaitis (Phase Transitions of PP-Complete Satisfiability Problems)
2001-12-01 MSc defense of Garyfallia Vafeiadou
2001-12-01 MSc defense of Alexandros Arvanitakis
November 2001
2001-11-30 K. Dosen (Categories and their interpretation)
2001-11-02 M. Lambalgen (Moschovakis's notion of meaning as applied to linguistics)
2001-11-02 F. Hamm (Perfect, imperfect nominals and the progressive)
October 2001
2001-10-05 Y. N. Moschovakis (The complexity of Euclid's algorithm)
2001-10-01 MSc defense of Dimitrios Ketikidis
2001-10-01 MSc defense of Chrisovalantis Verykios
July 2001
2001-07-01 MSc defense of Anastasios Matzavinos-Toumasis
2001-07-01 MSc defense of Aggelos Stavrou
2001-07-01 MSc defense of Dimitrios Tsiounis
June 2001
2001-06-29 A. Kiayias (Electronic voting: the secrecy of vote)
2001-06-08 C. Papadimitriou (Algorithms, Games and the Net)
2001-06-01 V. Zissimopoulos (On the hardness of some combinatorial optimization problems with generalized local search methods)
May 2001
2001-05-23 E. Kranakis (Electronic payment protocols)
2001-05-04 (Approaches to Query Optimization)
April 2001
2001-04-27 K. Hatzikiriakou (Lindström's Theorem)
March 2001
2001-03-23 E. Koutsoupias (Optimization problems in congestion control)
2001-03-16 F. Afrati (Approximation schemes to minimize the average completion time)
2001-03-09 K. Drossos (Imaginary elements: A philosophico-mathematical view)
2001-03-02 P. Spirakis (Competing Intelligent Agents: The case of no communication)
February 2001
2001-02-13 P. Kolaitis (Existential second-order logic over graphs: charting the tractability frontier)
January 2001
2001-01-12 J. Christianidis (Hermeneutical problems in the history of Algebra)


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