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Events in 2000

Date Event
December 2000
2000-12-20 graduation ceremony
2000-12-15 C. D. Koutras (Theory of definability and completeness in Modal Logic)
2000-12-08 E. Kirousis (Dichotomy theorems on the satisfiability of propositional formulas)
2000-12-01 P. Karazeris (An application of categorical logic to declarative semantics)
November 2000
2000-11-10 C. Dimitracopoulos (Hilbert's 10th problem)
2000-11-03 C. Cornaros (Wilkie's problem)
2000-11-01 MSc defense of Georgia Stathopoulou
October 2000
2000-10-20 Y. N. Moschovakis (The logic of (complete and partial) equations)
2000-10-13 E. Kranakis (Searching with Uncertainty in Communication Networks)
July 2000
2000-07-20 A. S. Kechris (The complexity of the isometric classification of Polish metric spaces and the structure of their isometry groups)
2000-07-14 graduation ceremony
2000-07-12 V. Vazirani (The Primal-Dual Schema for Approximation Algorithms Where Does it Stand, and Where Can it Go?)
2000-07-11 J. Krivine (The Curry-Howard correspondence in set theory)
2000-07-06 P. Kolaitis (On the Complexity of Counting Problems in Equational Matching and Unification)
2000-07-01 MSc defense of Charalampia Toga
2000-07-01 MSc defense of Eleni Kalyvianaki
2000-07-01 MSc defense of Christos Kapoutsis
June 2000
2000-06-16 A. Dawar (Formulas, Games and Circuits)
2000-06-09 T. Pheidas (Lang's conjecture in Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry and its solution by model-theoretical means)
2000-06-02 S. Baratella (Quantifier elimination for first order theories)
2000-06-01 MSc defense of Ouranis Kebapi
2000-06-01 MSc defense of Aristidis Dimakakos
May 2000
2000-05-19 C. D. Koutras (Modal Logics of Knowledge and Multiple Intelligent Agents)
April 2000
2000-04-14 T. Dimitriou (Algorithms for random generation and counting)
2000-04-07 S. Weinstein (The Role of Decidability in First Order Separations over Classes of Finite Structures)
March 2000
2000-03-31 C. Dimitracopoulos (End extensions of models, II)
2000-03-17 P. Peppas (Belief Revision, II)
2000-03-10 C. Dimitracopoulos (End extensions of models, I)
2000-03-03 P. Peppas (Belief Revision, I)
February 2000
2000-02-25 Y. N. Moschovakis (Meanings, algorithms and games)
2000-02-18 J. R. Moschovakis (The Gödel-Gentzen Negative Translation and Classical Function Realizability)
2000-02-16 graduation ceremony
2000-02-11 E. Zachos (S-terms revisited)
January 2000
2000-01-20 J. Benthem (Modal Foundations for Predicate Logic)


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