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Events in 2010

Date Event
December 2010
2010-12-31 MSc defense of Maria Kelesidou
2010-12-28 MSc defense of Paraschos Koutris
2010-12-22 graduation ceremony
2010-12-10 MSc defense of Christos Litsas
2010-12-10 A. Grigoriev (Scheduling jobs with time-resource tradeoff via nonlinear programming)
November 2010
2010-11-26 MSc defense of Andreas Galanis
2010-11-26 P. Karazeris (Coalgebras, datatypes and modal logic)
2010-11-19 I. Sau (Dyhamic programming for graphs on surfaces)
2010-11-05 M. Kaminski (Graphs within graphs—an algorithmic look at containment relations)
October 2010
2010-10-22 Y. N. Moschovakis (The Axiomatic Derivation Of Absolute Lower Bounds)
2010-10-15 E. Zachos (Martin Davis: ENGINES OF LOGIC)
2010-10-08 C. Dimitracopoulos (The party problem and the incompleteness of Peano Arithmetic)
2010-10-01 D. Paulusma (The k-in-a-Path problem for claw-free graphs)
September 2010
2010-09-27 MSc defense of Thanos Tsouanas
July 2010
2010-07-13 MSc defense of Aleksandros Palioudakis
2010-07-02 P. Cheilaris (Graph unique-maximum and conflict-free colourings)
2010-07-01 MSc defense of Georgios Lentaris
2010-07-01 MSc defense of M. Nikolaou
June 2010
2010-06-25 I. Souldatos (Infinitary logic and characterizable cardinals)
2010-06-23 MSc defense of Marios Koulakis
2010-06-18 Y. N. Moschovakis (Kleene's amazing Second Recursion Theorem)
2010-06-14 E. Tsarpalis (Data types as complex numbers)
2010-06-11 A. Sirokofskich (Decidability of sub-theories of polynomials over a finite field)
2010-06-07 E. Kranakis (Connectivity of Sensor Networks Using Directional Antennae)
2010-06-01 MSc defense of E. Chatzigeorgaki
March 2010
2010-03-30 D. M. Thilikos (Kernelization and meta-algorithmic techniques)
2010-03-26 I. Stephanou (Tackling the Liar by changing Logic (Part II))
2010-03-19 I. Stephanou (Tackling the Liar by changing Logic)
2010-03-05 C. Dimitracopoulos (Truth definitions and subsystems of Peano Arithmetic (Part II))
2010-03-01 MSc defense of C. Sdrakas
February 2010
2010-02-26 C. Dimitracopoulos (Truth definitions and subsystems of Peano Arithmetic)
January 2010
2010-01-22 E. Zachos (Hierarchies of complexity classes (Part II))
2010-01-14 A. Georgakopoulos (Planar Cayley graphs and computation)


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