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Events in 2011

Date Event
December 2011
2011-12-28 MSc defense of Ioannis Panageas
2011-12-05 MSc defense of Georgios Stathopoulos
November 2011
2011-11-24 A. Bovykin (Searching for strength and unprovability: the case of the infinite-dimensional Ramsey Theorem)
2011-11-22 MSc defense of Panagiotis Tsatsanis
July 2011
2011-07-18 G. Barbalias (Universality probability of a prefix free machine)
June 2011
2011-06-24 Y. N. Moschovakis (Horner's rule is optimal for Polynomial 0-testing)
2011-06-10 T. Muller (Random Geometric Graphs)
May 2011
2011-05-30 MSc defense of Georgios Askalidis
2011-05-27 D. Fotakis (Winner-Imposing Strategyproof Mechanisms for Multiple Facility Location Games)
2011-05-25 MSc defense of Venediktos Tsomplektzoglou
2011-05-20 A. Sirokofskich (Decidability of algebraic theories)
2011-05-13 A. T. Pagourtzis (Distributed broadcasting with few transmissions in ad hoc radio networks)
2011-05-06 A. Sidiropoulos (Stochastic topological simplification, and its algorithmic applications)
April 2011
2011-04-15 I. Giotis (Approximation Algorithms for Correlation Clustering)
2011-04-08 P. Karazeris (Coalgebras, data types and modal logic)
2011-04-01 C. Kornaros (The weak regularity principle)
March 2011
2011-03-18 K. Papalamprou (From graphs and matrices to matroids: algorithms and optimization)
2011-03-01 MSc defense of Pavlos Ιoannis Pyrros Chaidos
February 2011
2011-02-25 D. Coudert (Parameterized Algorithms for Shared Risk Link Groups)
January 2011
2011-01-28 C. Georgiou (Fooling Strong LP and SDP Relaxations for Vertex Cover)
2011-01-24 B. Courcelle (Special tree-width and the verification of monadic second-order Properties)


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