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Date Speaker(s) Title
2003/06/30 A. S. Kechris Fraissé limits, Ramsey theory and topological dynamics of automorphism groups
2003/06/20 D. M. Thilikos Retreat is futile when you want to take over the world
2003/06/06 K. Drossos Infinitesimals and non-standard mathematics
2003/05/30 P. Stephaneas Information technology and ethics
2003/05/23 E. Kranakis Compasses, Faces and Butterflies: Route Discovery in Ad-hoc \\ Networks
2003/05/16 P. D'Aquino Weak fragments of arithmetic
2003/05/09 N. Rigas Intersection types and applications to lambda calculus
2003/04/18 E. Koutsoupias Coordination Mechanisms
2003/04/11 M. Mavronikolas Game-theoretic techniques in package routing
2003/04/04 T. Andronikos Automatic system verification and synthesis
2003/03/28 G. Kapoulas Infinitesimals via the cofinite filter
2003/03/21 R. Diaconescu From Birkhoff axiomatizability to interpolation: a categorical model-theoretic approach
2003/03/14 D. Kavvadias Generating extreme structures: algorithms and complexity
2003/02/28 S. Nikoletseas Smart Dust Protocols for Local Detection and Propagation
2003/02/21 C. Dimitracopoulos The pigeonhole principle and the infinitude of primes
2003/02/14 I. Emiris The theory of algebraic sparse elimination
2003/01/10 A. T. Pagourtzis Communication algorithms in wireless networks of unknown topology
2002/12/13 C. Chartonas A minimal calculus for situated multi-agent systems
2002/12/06 V. Kanellopoulos Ramsey theorems for trees
2002/11/29 A. Shlapentokh Hilbert's Tenth Problem over Number Fields
2002/11/22 C. Verykios Morley's theorem and concepts from stability theory
2002/11/15 C. Dimitracopoulos The MacDowell-Specker theorem and generalizations
2002/11/08 S. Kreutzer Ficed-Point Logics on Finite and Infinite Structures
2002/11/01 Y. N. Moschovakis Inductive relations
2002/10/18 V. Tannen XML Query Reformulation
2002/10/11 R. Kahle Applicative Theories and their Applications


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