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Date Speaker(s) Title
2004/07/23 A. S. Kechris Generic symmetries
2004/07/02 T. Viglas On complexity class separations and algorithmic simulations
2004/06/18 N. Lygeros Algorithms for enumerating posets, prosets and mixed models
2004/06/11 A. Potika Problems of path routing and coloring in totally optical networks with multiple fibers
2004/06/04 N. S. Papaspyrou Programming with proofs: Type systems based on logic ... and other frightening stories ..
2004/05/28 A. Tzouvaras Why is the operation of powerset so special?
2004/05/21 E. Kranakis Mobile agent rendez-vous problem
2004/05/07 C. Dimitracopoulos Ramsey's Theorem
2004/04/30 P. Kolaitis On preservation under homomorphisms in the finite
2004/04/23 T. Pheidas Using Logic to solve problems in Algebra
2004/03/19 R. Kossak Automorphisms of models of arithmetic, non-classification and some classification results
2004/03/12 E. Zachos Descriptive complexity: complexity classes and operators
2004/01/23 C. Dimitracopoulos The “indemonstrable moods” of the Stoics
2003/12/19 C. D. Koutras Multiple-valued Modal Logic: definability, completeness, model theory
2003/12/12 G. Barbalias Hypersimple semicomputable sets in the weak truth table degrees
2003/12/05 F. Afrati The complexity of conjunctive query containment
2003/11/28 S. Ghilezan Intersection types in classical logic
2003/11/21 J. R. Moschovakis Hierarchies in realistic extensions of intuitionistic theories
2003/11/07 P. Spirakis Communication problems in ad-hoc mobile nets: Multi-particle interactions and concurrent random walks
2003/10/31 D. M. Thilikos The theory of minor graphs and its use in the design of subexponential parametric algorithms
2003/10/24 A. Louveau Dichotomy results for Borel graphs
2003/10/10 B. Löwe Deterministic and nondeterministic supertask computation
2003/10/03 Y. N. Moschovakis Is Euclid's algorithm optimal?


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